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Fall into Fitness Challenge Details

Fall is almost here which means another upcoming challenge is too!

“Fall into Fitness” Challenge is only a couple weeks away.

Fall is my favorite but if you ask Google to: “describe a fall day” it will list adjectives for autumn: bland, somewhat breezy, large disorganized, long and not happy, sometimes late, frosty bare, late rich, ruddy, and the list goes on. After reading that I’m like well jeeze Google, Fall is so much better than Autumn, don’t mix those two up😉 What do you think when you think “FALL”?

I think; back to school, routine, football, breezy, sweater weather… but what about “Falling in love.. with FITNESS?! Let us transition from Summer to Fall together, the right way through Fitness. Before we know it, we will be approaching holiday season and ready to continue our fitness goals come the New Year!

You may have been apart of my last challenge of the “Red, White and Be Fit” which was a HUGE success and if you were not able to join, well now is your chance for another upcoming Challenge. I’ve decided to hold a Challenge during these times because some of us are still stuck at home looking for different ways to workout and stay on top of there fitness goals, while others are looking to finally get started but need help where to begin and want to be given exactly what to do and when to do it!


JOIN in the upcoming Challenge; a 6- Week Challenge “Fall into Fitness” starts Monday October 5th.

I call it a Challenge because there will be ONE winner when it comes to the completion of the 6 weeks. It is a Challenge YOU vs. YOU, with the support of others along the way. You should never be competing with others when it comes to your health and fitness goals since we are all so different in so many ways. From the basics of gender to height and weight but to the more extremes of genetics and any limitations we currently must live with on our own route of healthy living. Do not feel you need to compete yourself with others, but instead meet others with the same like-minded goals and passion toward health & fitness.

Truly, I should call this a  “Course” rather than a “Challenge” because of all the teaching, educating, and sharing of knowledge that that takes place on nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and everything else I can that revolves around health and fitness. But I am afraid if I called it a “Course” I would get more females running away than if we just left it with a Challenge.  “Fall into Fitness” Challenge it is!!

I’m going to be honest with you, it takes a lot to live a healthy lifestyle but there is no better way than your body wants to live! It’s meant to be treated with respect and wants to be healthy. Give it a chance, it certainly takes time and discipline and with the knowledge, you will be able to succeed. Some days you will do better than other days but overall, you are living a healthy life by the habits and the rituals you have chosen to form your life into. Accept those not so good days and continue to acknowledge how far you have come on your journey of Healthy Living. This is EXACTLY what this Challenge will teach you to do, while falling in love with the process.

I understand most are not going to LOVE exercising or have the passion toward fitness like some of us do; I do not expect that. But I do expect you to learn how to feed the body properly and understand what the body needs to function at its highest capacity. You will learn it is not only exercise and nutrition that will do this but also our sleep patterns, hydration, stress levels, ect. We all know we should exercise, and we all know we could use more sleep, but what are we doing to work toward getting better in those specific areas?

Do not wait until The New Year to start those resolutions. Think about 3 months from now, how much you will be ahead to continue your overall fitness goals? By then you may have to find new, New Year Resolutions 😉 Kidding!! Well sort of, but not really. Okay reality check: 3 months from now you WILL not have achieved ALL your fitness goals, but you will reach some and have formed much better habits than ever before. You will learn what works best for you and how you can implement healthier choices in your everyday life.

Most of us continue to be stuck at home, working at home, exercising at home, too much at home. Some are enjoying it others not so much. If you are currently battling with any below then this 6- week Challenge is Perfect for You!


“I need more structure on my fitness and nutrition”

Maybe you have already started to eat a bit healthier but now want to take a step to begin exercising. Are you a Beginner in general and not sure how to add in both nutrition and exercise into your routine? I write it all out for you, from days to times of the day. As far as nutrition goes; I give you a grocery list, a daily nutrition checklist, sample meal plan, and a supplementation guide. Nutrition is where you will find all the results come from whereas the exercise is to boost that metabolism, break a sweat, and release those endorphins. Planning and time management will be required for both nutrition and exercise, but I will be here to help you break down all the steps.

The workouts do rotate on a biweekly schedule. I do this because most of us do get bored of the same workouts over and over. However, As the body does like repetitiveness, it must repeat to see progression with specific exercises which is where my biweekly rotation comes into play.


Here is a preview of a workout from last challenge:

Lower Workout # 1 @ home

Warm up: 3 sets of 30 sec/ 45 sec/ 60 sec

Alternating front kicks
Squat to glute kickbacks – alt. Legs
Butt kicks

Superset: 3 sets

Side lunges (focus one leg @ time) 10x per

Glute Bridges (heels together) 20x

Circuit: 4 exercises for 4 sets

Alt. Curtesy lunges 12x per leg (hold light/moderate DB’s)
Single leg glute bridge 12 reps per leg (will show different variations)

Stiff legged deadlifts (hold Heavier DB’s) 12x

Plank Jacks (using bands if you have) 12x
Little to no rest in between exercises *Rest 45 seconds in between each set

Finisher: 2 rounds (Perform All 3 exercises on one leg THEN perform all 3 exercises to the other leg)
Donkey kicks 15x

Fire hydrant 15x

Fire hydrants -> leg extension 15x
*Hold a Child’s pose stretch for 15 seconds THEN perform other leg

Keep in mind, for those of you who did my last challenge, there will be a NEW Workout Split and NEW Workouts/ Exercises will be given for this upcoming Challenge…yippie!


“I can’t figure out why I am always bloated, gassy, irregular, constipated, fatigued, ect”

Learning how to eat properly and eating the right amount calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients are all particularly important. BUT knowing how to feed the gut and hormones needs to be taken in significant consideration. Us females are so worried about what the scale says and how many calories are in this banana that we forget the importance of food. Food is fuel for the body and eating the proper amounts and food sources needs to be our concern. There is no reason you should feel tired all the time and certainly no reason you wake up gassy and go to bed bloated.

Learn how to feed your body properly and power through those cravings at the same time!


“I miss meeting my girlfriend for a workout, I wish I had a workout partner.”

Do you find yourself wanting to dedicate time for workouts but feel you don’t have the time or simply don’t feel like it? Perhaps you need that extra push given from a coach or another peer! My favorite part about these challenges is the support group we create inside of a Private Facebook Group. Every day as part of the challenge I am in there interacting, sharing my tips and tricks on fitness but also how I do it each day while still living with balance and everything else that goes on. Accountability is a major plus side to participating in a challenge, but strictly learning what works for YOU comes from trying different ways of doing things. By surrounding ourselves with like-minded people, it is fun and easy to talk to others about our current situations before we decide on the best resolution for ourselves.

THE NUMBER ONE goal for me as your coach is to teach you how to live a healthy life while remaining balanced. There is no perfect day, week, month, to be waiting for to start! Start NOW, as you begin to make small changes and create better habits and before you know it, you will be achieving your desired health goals while living a healthier lifestyle month after month, into years.


Choose Route of Healthy Living by joining “Fall into Fitness 6- Week Challenge”

PS: ONE Winner will win back their entire entry fee and it is NOT fully based on weight loss.


What’s Included?

✔️ 6 week @ Home Workout Program

✔️ Nutrition & Supplementation Regime

✔️ A “Diet” for FAT loss & GUT health

✔️Facebook Accountability Group

✔️Weekly Check – Ins

✔️ Women’s T- Shirt Route of Healthy Living

✔️Weekly Giveaways

✔️Opportunity to win back entry fee, could you imagine 6 weeks of coaching completely for FREE?!

✔️Learn my tips & tricks



I AM choosing the Route of Healthy Living!

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Tiffani Paulus

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Karen Maier

Marisa is a multi-talented and experienced professional. I am a massage client of Marisa’s and consistently benefit from her overall wellness knowledge, massage technique, and positive spirit. Each session, she is committed to creating a spectacular massage experience from the moment you arrive until you are walking out the door. I admire her professionalism, talent, and commitment to the customer experience. She lives her values in all that she does and as a result she has earned my trust and endorsement! To Marisa’s continued success!!

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Christina Rampulla
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Bridgett Baker

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Dex Ren

I've been going to Marisa for massage therapy since the beginning of 2018 and she's my go to massage therapist when I know its time for my muscles to decompress. Marisa's background and experience in fitness and personal training really stand out from the rest of massage therapy that I've had in the past. And as a fitness enthusiast that lifts 6x/week, that's the best combination for me personally. From my very first massage therapy session with her, I felt like she was communicating with my muscles without me even saying much. It's like she was sensing and adjusting based on the feedback on how my muscles were reacting. I bring that up every session because I think that's an incredible skill. If you want to talk during your session, she will talk. If you just want to relax and shut eye, that's fine with her too. Very professional. Sometimes she runs promotions and specials during the holiday, I would definitely take advance of that. Schedule a session with Marisa and you'll know what I'm talking about!
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