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Accepting the NOW

Face it— we are now in a society facing something most of us, if not all of us have never faced before. 

Something we cannot entirely control. We can help toward “slowing the curve” but that’s not the type of control I’m talking about. I’m one who would rather be in full control. I don’t like to rely on anyone to get something done. I do realize some things cannot be done completely solo, but where and when they can that’s how I get it done, fully in control. And if something doesn’t go as planned, well then I come up with another plan in full control and that cycle repeats. For what is going on in today’s world, it is a very serious thing despite who is in control and who isn’t, we need to all come together. Which I feel majority of us are by Staying Home. I mean our country is basically “shut down” sort of speak. Where the only things allowed to be open are the “essentials” businesses. This makes us ask ourselves, Am I essential? Do I get to go to work? Or did you open up your own business thinking you were essential until someone told you otherwise…

Living a life helping others achieve their health and fitness goals through mind and body, I would think that’s pretty essential, but it’s not food, pet care, has, liquor so I guess health, fitness, massage gets pushed aside for now… being told otherwise because of the COVID-19. 

This is serious. This is a pandemic. Serious to individual’s health and serious to people’s career and life. 

So, at first, I, we panicked. Body goes into a constant fight or flight state because of the unknown. Not knowing much on the spread of the virus but also not knowing how long we must stay home and live this new normal makes us crazy. We then are told to stay home and during that initial 2 weeks, our anxiety continues to excel, we then start googling any symptoms we have when most of it is coming from Anxiety or Allergies (keeping in mind we had such an interesting winter, winter was much warmer..weird season in general..)

From our anxiety, to googling symptoms, to being reminded about our financial crisis of unemployment— our lives are being so absorbed by negativity rather than taking something we can’t control and accepting the new normal… for now.

Fatigue, restlessness is introduced now our entire routine is lost along with any motivation to keep going. To keep going mentally and physically. What do you do now?!

You ACCEPT the NOW. That’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to accept that this isn’t forever. And you will begin to do what you can do with the things you can control! (“Serenity”, Only tattoo I have on my body)

This will never happen again. Do you really want to look back and think you had weeks off and you didn’t take advantage of that? By advantage I mean, to continue being aware of what’s going on in today’s world, but do not allow the news to take up your entire day. Have a plan to make this a successful STAYCATION rather than a SHUTDOWN. 

First things first, KEEP MOVING. 

You are probably finding yourself eating more and moving less by the end of the day. You may be working from home, working endless hours, requiring you to sit more than normal ORRRRR the complete opposite; nothing on the agenda so laying around most of the day. 

Now is your time to get on a workout regime, even if it’s just up and down your stairs or back & fourth in your driveway/ local streets.

Let’s get a to-do list going. If you’re like me I do this Sundays. Yes, on Sunday I plan for the next 6 days… Monday through Saturday that is. I realize things can change or get moved around a bit. But majority of my schedule pretty much stays to what I plan. This allows me to be most efficient with my time. Along with feeling accomplished come the end of the week. However, AT THIS EXACT MOMENT in time… I do have more flexibility than I typically would. Being stuck at home does allow me to take longer to get out of bed in the morning, Finding myself prepping my meals “fresh as I go” and those couple things that in fact allow me to slip up a bit more. 

Back to that To-Do list. AT LEAST set a daily list. You don’t need to plan it weekly like I do but make it daily. While your drinking your morning coffee/tea plan that to-do list for the day. Do not over complicate it, but don’t overdo it either. Set 3 WINS to accomplish. 3 things you WILL achieve that day. 3 realistic things. One can be a workout, another can be organizing a closet, and another can be calling a family member. Now you may be thinking how is talking to a family member a “WIN” well think back a couple weeks ago when you were working…back with your normal schedule… how often were you calling up a

Family member?… I bet not as often as you had wished for. Therefore, that counts as a QUARANTINE WIN.

Besides that, to-do list you are going to begin to tackle each day, it’s okay to just “BE” at times. B-E… make your primary focus on being in the NOW. There is no rush to having to be anywhere, kids aren’t catching the bus, dropping off at sports, late night attending birthday parties; etc. Everyone is advised to stay home. Therefore, nobody unless they are on the front lines. (which if you are one nurse, doctor, first responder reading this, THANK YOU for doing all you can during these times) Take this time to do the extra with your kids. I understand you may be homeschooling now, don’t try to be better than the Teachers, but be there for your child(ren) reminding them this isn’t the new normal and it will not be forever. Explain to them what is going on making them feel comfortable and not fear the present…Then allow the schoolwork to flow into the day as scheduled.

Back to the B-E.

Do something you wouldn’t necessarily choose to do whether it be to read a book, complete a puzzle, game boards… think out of the box.  It’s okay to binge on a TV series you’ve been meaning to but make sure you tackle the to do list first. It’s not going to be forever… and this is one way you can appreciate and accept the NOW. 

I don’t know about you but I’ve reached out to people I haven’t spoken to…in… let’s just say too long to even count. Because I got so caught up in moving, business, LIFE, you name it. Even a quick text “Hi there cousin/friend/aunt it’s been awhile but hope you’re doing okay at this time. stay healthy & safe, I’m thinking of you”. A message like that can certainty go a long way and even may allow you to reunite with those long loss friends. Take advantage of what social media has to offer! Using platforms like FaceTime or Zoom. Have seem to be the most popular. 

Use this time to focus on more Self Care. This can include yoga you been wanting to try, more mediation/ gratitude time, new healthy recipes, getting on a workout routine… who needs a gym, these days you don’t rely on anything better than your body weight anyways. 

I am offering ONLINE/ VIRTUAL Personal Training Sessions during this “Stay at home”, quarantine time! Check them out in My Shop

To end this not on a negative note but more of just being realistic. After this entire “quarantine/Social distancing” is over, things won’t be normal for a while. Lots of individuals will be unemployed and several small businesses won’t survive from this pandemic. We will ALL get through this because YOU are not alone. At these times like these where you may feel your alone because you are home alone— just remind yourself everyone is home!

I must share one of the biggest things I’ve read people commenting on is how “bored” they are…ughhh some people wish they can be bored. Most people have pets, kids, they wish they could be bored! You are not bored; YOU ARE RELAXED and DON’T know how to handle or accept it. So, If HEAR you say you’re bored, my response will be no you’re not, find something you’ve been wanting to do and accept the bored as a new normal for NOW. 

B-E the Acceptance to the NOW. Live in the NOW.

Remember life is a gift, don’t take it for granted. 

Client Love

I've been going to Marisa for awhile when I'm either in some type of pain or just in need of...

Tiffani Paulus

Ms Fit Riss

Tiffani Paulus

I've been going to Marisa for awhile when I'm either in some type of pain or just in need of a massage. She's extremely knowledgeable in what she does; gives me a lot of advice if a body part hurts and what I can do at home to help. I've also joined her New Years challenge; definitely has helped me stay in the right path. My last massage experience I actually fell asleep on the table because it was so relaxing!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Marisa is a multi-talented and experienced professional. I am a massage client of Marisa’s and consistently benefit from her overall...

Karen Maier

Ms Fit Riss

Karen Maier

Marisa is a multi-talented and experienced professional. I am a massage client of Marisa’s and consistently benefit from her overall wellness knowledge, massage technique, and positive spirit. Each session, she is committed to creating a spectacular massage experience from the moment you arrive until you are walking out the door. I admire her professionalism, talent, and commitment to the customer experience. She lives her values in all that she does and as a result she has earned my trust and endorsement! To Marisa’s continued success!!

I participated in Marisa’s Challenge from March to May this year, participating in this challenge was more of a learning...
Christina Rampulla
Ms Fit Riss
Christina Rampulla
I participated in Marisa’s Challenge from March to May this year, participating in this challenge was more of a learning experience for me. I wasn’t a big eater as I was always busy and just would have another cup of coffee versus having a nice meal because it was quicker. Marisa taught me how to balance life while eating well and maintaining balance. My big Challenge was I wanted to make sure I could still enjoy life by eating fun food, having a nice relaxing cocktail while still balancing portion and healthy eating while getting in a workout 5 days a week. And She taught me just that! I learned to do that, While loosing 10 pounds! I am not ending this life style today I am Continuing it and shooting to loose another 20 pounds but will be over the moon to at least get another 10! I am very happy with how far I come, and I have Marisa to thank for that. Work with her whether it’s to loose weight, learn how to balance a healthy lifestyle, or even gain muscle and become stronger, don’t look further Marisa is your girl!

I trained with Marisa for 3 years. She is amazing. Highly professional and very quick to return any nutritional or...

Bridgett Baker

Ms Fit Riss

Bridgett Baker

I trained with Marisa for 3 years. She is amazing. Highly professional and very quick to return any nutritional or other questions I had. I still will only go to her for my monthly massages because they are simply the best I have ever had. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to every day life and fitness goals!

I've been going to Marisa for massage therapy since the beginning of 2018 and she's my go to massage therapist...

Dex Ren

Ms Fit Riss

Dex Ren

I've been going to Marisa for massage therapy since the beginning of 2018 and she's my go to massage therapist when I know its time for my muscles to decompress. Marisa's background and experience in fitness and personal training really stand out from the rest of massage therapy that I've had in the past. And as a fitness enthusiast that lifts 6x/week, that's the best combination for me personally. From my very first massage therapy session with her, I felt like she was communicating with my muscles without me even saying much. It's like she was sensing and adjusting based on the feedback on how my muscles were reacting. I bring that up every session because I think that's an incredible skill. If you want to talk during your session, she will talk. If you just want to relax and shut eye, that's fine with her too. Very professional. Sometimes she runs promotions and specials during the holiday, I would definitely take advance of that. Schedule a session with Marisa and you'll know what I'm talking about!
Ms Fit Riss