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A Day in the Life—Ms. Fit Riss

For starters, I’d like to thank all of you for taking the time to read this considering this is an “all about me” Blog Post. Either its because you are curious how I choose to live my life, you support the life I choose to live, or you want to start living your life how I chose mine! I’ve decided to share this personal side of my life because I believe its important to stay true to myself, YOU and values that I demonstrate as I continue educating those who are following me along my journey of Health and Fitness. Majority of you may see my day to day on the Instagram platform so to explain a more in depth of how my day looks continue to read below as I’ve chosen to share with you😊

For those of you have been following my social media; again, thank you for the constant love, support, and engagement! I love to hear what all of you have to say in regards of everything and anything I share on my journey through my social media platforms. Primarily on Instagram @ms.fitriss, while I’ve created a Facebook business page for the NEW on site location @Route of Healthy Living, LLC; while I focus on growing my Pinterest @msfitriss, pinning away!

One of the first questions I always am seemed to be asked is “So what do you do anyway?”

“May I ask what you do for a living, you seem to be in great shape…” –says a person who meets me on the streets.

“What exactly do you do to get to work out daily, have fresh prepped meals, and seem to be enjoying each day by day?!”– says someone who follows me on social media.


I like to say I’m just trying to live my best life. And by “best life,” to me; means being healthy, happy, and mindful.

To live healthy…. takes an abundance of work, work that is certainly worth it.

To live happy… takes very minimal work surprisingly. Biggest advice to being happy is to accept yourself! Accept both your strengths and weaknesses. Do the best you can at whatever you are working towards. Know your values and morals; this includes respecting yourself. Laugh often and smile always!

To live mindful…well honestly, to me, this one is the most challenging because it’s an everyday task/challenge for me. BUT a challenge that I’ve accepted to come at me daily and I will continue to take each day by day. No matter what I am doing, I’m always self-talking my way through! Part of that self-talk is to “B-E” in the moment. To Live in the moment—also called mindfulness. Learning to “B-E” has had both its ups & downs. If you were to ask me how my “mindfulness” was back in the day of those college years—let’s just say I was thinking of my Thursday schedule, when it was only Monday. Hmmm maybe a blog post to help those individuals get through them college years would be a good one… But for those of you who say you need to start “practicing” Mindfulness. You do not need to be alone, in a room, sitting in a pretzel style with your eyes shut to be mindful…Just start being more aware of what you are doing at that very moment in time. THAT’S BEING MINDFUL! Acknowledge how far you’ve came and appreciate where you are now.


Now, let’s dig deeper into the more specifics that involves my day to day and career.

I like to describe myself as a Personal trainer by AM and a Licensed Massage Therapist by PM, with a little bit of blogger status in between. HA HA. No but seriously, I travel to in home clients for on-site training sessions. These sessions can be anywhere from 5 AM to 8 PM, but currently I’m only offering client sessions in the mornings, because the demand of massage is much needed in the evenings. Which leads to Massage Therapy sessions; they can be schedule anywhere from 7 AM to 9 PM. Anything past 9 PM for massage treatments; that would be like a slave working hour, in nicer terms. So overall, I usually keep massage appointments to 8/830 PM, any later would be specific considerations. Depending on the day and week, I may have more availability in the mornings for massage appointments. As far as weekends go, I can work Saturday, Sunday, or both; again, depending on the week. This doesn’t bother me because I make sure I have my time off elsewhere. This could be a Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning, or Friday evening. Again, depends on the clients’ needs. Let’s face it; I am my own Boss, I get to choose my own hours, and work when I want, where I want. But I do not take that for granted; and in another perspective I like to view my clients as my Boss’. When in need; I do my best to be available! Both Massage Therapy and Personal Training are more often viewed as a luxury where to others they are an obligation for their health and well being. I understand in this industry there may be last minute scheduling, so I’ve learned to allow that flexibility in my schedule. But my clients also know they may not get in exactly when they want/need if they are reaching out last minute…just keep that in mind when going to schedule!

Besides on-site Personal Training sessions and on-site Massage Therapy treatments, I work online as a Health Coach and as a Blogger. Working online allows me a ton of flexibility, but also a lot of demand work too. Meaning, there may be times where the workflow online is at an abundance and needs all my undivided attention with extremely early mornings or later evenings, but that’s what I’ve chosen to be apart of. As far as the blogging world goes…It still is relatively new to me, but I can see it becoming an obsession. The obsession of educating and sharing everything I love and do. Basically, all you need to know in the blogging world; everything and anything I share with you is 110% my honest. I want to both inspire and educate others to help live an overall healthier lifestyle. So, if that means with the help of certain sneakers, supplements, water bottle—you name it; I’ll share it and talk about it! You may see both products I love but also products that didn’t work well for ME. Keeping in mind what may work for me, may not work for you. What I may love, you may not. But I’m here to join you on your fitness journey, so reach out and let’s chat about it. My blog has been created for two reasons 1. To share blog posts on things and Items that help me live an overall healthier lifestyle and 2. To answer repetitive questions I receive on a day to day basis where I find myself repeating myself. I said I am a Personal Trainer AM, but really, I’m a Health Coach 24/7. View my online coaching packages HERE.


Well here we are… How I’m living my best life and what exactly do I do.

Let’s begin with some of the basics, AM & PM Rituals:


Morning Rituals

Immediately upon wake up, Pee while checking Fit bit sleep app. HERE is the watch, I use for the app.

(YUP, I do both at the same time—I told you I’m going to be 110% honest with ya’ll)

Then before eating or drinking anything—I weigh myself (I track this on my calendar & without getting obsessed with the number I see on the scale; I use it to learn about myself & body. I notice things like water intake, hydration, sodium, food sources I ate, how I feel, look. Ect. *THE SCALE DOESN’T DEFINE YOU)

Lemon Water/ Coffee daily (approx. 30 mins) while replying to messages/texts

First meal is at 7 AM and I eat every 3 hours, by now my body is clock work with eating and knows when it is time to eat.

W/ Meal 1 comes my AM Supplements –View Blog on “My Daily Dose of Supplements


Nighttime Rituals

Not so much “Bedtime” but more afternoon/ evening is when I enjoy to Blog and write THE MOST.

Take out my ULTIMATE LIFE PLANNER—HERE is the one I’ve been using the last 5 years & I’ve saved them all to PROVE IT! It has 15-minute increments with a weekly overview AND a month at glance. I’d be lost without it. Some will usually do this in the morning, But I choose to do this at the nighttime—going to bed at peace with a plan in place for the following day. Anything that happens other than my plan is typically out of my control.

PM Supplements- View Blog on “My Daily Dose of Supplements

Every. Single. Night. I will do some sort of stretching or massaging and If I’m lucky enough the BF and I will do trade for trade for Massage.

This stretching/Restorative therapy consists of 10 mins at minimum and 20 mins at max. That is how I can make it a nightly ritual, because it doesn’t take that much time. We do it while we are talking about our day or even have a TV series on.



Example of a “Typical”…“Day in life—”

It’s not every day or exact, but here is an overview of a Monday!


Alarm 5/5:30 AM (this can change on mornings where I have On-Site Training)

Turn to Glance over emails/ Texts in case of any emergencies

6-6:30 AM Bae makes me Coffee… IN BED. My favorite part of the day.

(I use this time to reply to social media messages)

630-7 AM Make breakfast for Bae & I (This consists of Kodiak Cakes: I like pancakes, Bae likes waffles)

7-7:30 AM Eat Breakfast while Emails & Online Client Weekly Check-Ins

7:30-8 Get Ready for the Gym

8-8:30 AM I track my Excel Income Charts from the day before (this is the best thing I’ve done thus far 2020—thanks to the boyfriend (Donny is taking consultations for Beginner Finance 101 LOL)

8:30 -10 AM- GYM TIME

10:30 AM Meal 2: Post workout (usually Dave killers or Kodiak, meal 1 & 2 flip flop)

Till 1130- Shower/Get Ready

12-6? I may have meetings, phone consults, massage appointments

1 PM Meal: LUNCH TIME—Reply to social media messages/texts

4 PM Meal 4: Level-1 Protein Bar; every damn day!


6/7 PM Meal 5 & Continue to reply to emails and online clients from weekly check ins.

Usually while eating dinner is when I’ll take out my planner—Yes, I’m still old school and I still. Write. Everything. Out. I feel it’s better with my time and prioritizing while also feeling a sense of fulfillment at the end of each day seeing everything checked off. At this time, I set up my next day with my to do’s, priorities, appointments, ect. I do this the night before, that way I can go to bed WITH A PLAN. HERE is the exact planner that I use.

7-8 PM UNWIND: Stretch, Hyperice therapy, foam rolling ect.

Read my Full blog on “Self-Massage/Recovery” Tools”

TV is usually on for background noise, but I truly use this time to do some reading, researching and brainstorming every night

8:30 PM Meal 6 PEANUT BUTTER PROTEIN FUDGE since 2015? & Chicken bone broth each night for gut health!

9 get ready for bed

9:15/9:30 PM IN BED





“Love what you do, and you will never feel like your working a day in your life.”
PS: I have my “Dream Day” Hung up on my bedroom bulletin board, and honestly—I’m almost there!

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Tiffani Paulus

Ms Fit Riss

Tiffani Paulus

I've been going to Marisa for awhile when I'm either in some type of pain or just in need of a massage. She's extremely knowledgeable in what she does; gives me a lot of advice if a body part hurts and what I can do at home to help. I've also joined her New Years challenge; definitely has helped me stay in the right path. My last massage experience I actually fell asleep on the table because it was so relaxing!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Marisa is a multi-talented and experienced professional. I am a massage client of Marisa’s and consistently benefit from her overall...

Karen Maier

Ms Fit Riss

Karen Maier

Marisa is a multi-talented and experienced professional. I am a massage client of Marisa’s and consistently benefit from her overall wellness knowledge, massage technique, and positive spirit. Each session, she is committed to creating a spectacular massage experience from the moment you arrive until you are walking out the door. I admire her professionalism, talent, and commitment to the customer experience. She lives her values in all that she does and as a result she has earned my trust and endorsement! To Marisa’s continued success!!

I participated in Marisa’s Challenge from March to May this year, participating in this challenge was more of a learning...
Christina Rampulla
Ms Fit Riss
Christina Rampulla
I participated in Marisa’s Challenge from March to May this year, participating in this challenge was more of a learning experience for me. I wasn’t a big eater as I was always busy and just would have another cup of coffee versus having a nice meal because it was quicker. Marisa taught me how to balance life while eating well and maintaining balance. My big Challenge was I wanted to make sure I could still enjoy life by eating fun food, having a nice relaxing cocktail while still balancing portion and healthy eating while getting in a workout 5 days a week. And She taught me just that! I learned to do that, While loosing 10 pounds! I am not ending this life style today I am Continuing it and shooting to loose another 20 pounds but will be over the moon to at least get another 10! I am very happy with how far I come, and I have Marisa to thank for that. Work with her whether it’s to loose weight, learn how to balance a healthy lifestyle, or even gain muscle and become stronger, don’t look further Marisa is your girl!

I trained with Marisa for 3 years. She is amazing. Highly professional and very quick to return any nutritional or...

Bridgett Baker

Ms Fit Riss

Bridgett Baker

I trained with Marisa for 3 years. She is amazing. Highly professional and very quick to return any nutritional or other questions I had. I still will only go to her for my monthly massages because they are simply the best I have ever had. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to every day life and fitness goals!

I've been going to Marisa for massage therapy since the beginning of 2018 and she's my go to massage therapist...

Dex Ren

Ms Fit Riss

Dex Ren

I've been going to Marisa for massage therapy since the beginning of 2018 and she's my go to massage therapist when I know its time for my muscles to decompress. Marisa's background and experience in fitness and personal training really stand out from the rest of massage therapy that I've had in the past. And as a fitness enthusiast that lifts 6x/week, that's the best combination for me personally. From my very first massage therapy session with her, I felt like she was communicating with my muscles without me even saying much. It's like she was sensing and adjusting based on the feedback on how my muscles were reacting. I bring that up every session because I think that's an incredible skill. If you want to talk during your session, she will talk. If you just want to relax and shut eye, that's fine with her too. Very professional. Sometimes she runs promotions and specials during the holiday, I would definitely take advance of that. Schedule a session with Marisa and you'll know what I'm talking about!
Ms Fit Riss